1992 – Buseck – Fullerenes from the Geological Environment

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Fullerenes from the Geological Environment
Peter R. Buseck, Semeon J. Tsipursky, Robert Hettich
Science, 10 July 1992, vol. 257, p. 215–217

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By means of high-resoluton transmission electron microscopy, both C60 and C70 fullerenes have been found in a carbon-rich Precambrian rock from Russia. The fullerenes were confirmed by Fourier transform or mass spectrometry with both laser desorption and thermal desorption/electron-capture methods to verify that the fullerenes were indeed present in the geological sample and were not generated by the laser ionization event. The mass spectra were measured under conditions sufficient to resolve the 13C/12C isotopic ratios for C60 and C70 and indicate that these ratios correspond to the normal range of isotopic values.



P.R. Buseck, S.J. Tsipursky, R.Hettich






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