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2013 – Mosin – Composition of fullerene in shungite

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The Structure and composition of natural carbonaceous fullerene containing mineral shungite
O. Mosin, I. Ignatov
International Journal of Advanced Scientific and Technical Research, Issue 3 volume 6, Nov.–Dec. 2013

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The composition and structural properties of amorphous, uncrystallized, fulleren analogous (fullerene content 0.01–0.0001% (w/w)) carbon containing natural mineral – shungite, from Zazhoginskoe deposit in Karelia (Russian Federation) are studied. There are submitted data about the nanostructure, obtained with the using of scanning electron microscopy, composition and physical chemical properties of this mineral. Also are demonstrated prospects of using shungite, possessing high absorption, catalytic and bactericidal activity, as an absorbent in water-treatment, water purification, and other industries.





O. Mosin, I. Ignatov






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